Water Mist Firefighting System

Water Mist Technology

Four Features

Water Mist Firefighting Principals

Least Water Amount

Compared to sprinkler systems’, the flow rate is only 10% of them and will not cause the flood. Besides that it is easy to clean for recovery.

Non Conductivity

With the feature of non-continuous water particle in the line, it is non-electrical conduction and could be applied for electrical fires such as electric appliances, transformers, cables, control panels and others to decrease the hazard of them.


Water Soluble chemicals
Chlorine gas, Ammonia water, Ammonia, Isopropanol and so on.
Corrosive and poison-acid chemical
Hydrochloric Acids, Hydrobromic acid, Boe Etchants/ Sboe Etchants, Phosphorous acid, boron trifluoride, hydrogen peroxide.
Powder Dust
Plastic material such as Cllulose Acetate,Nitrocellulo, Lignoxy, LDPE,Polystyrene and Synthetic Rubber. Powdered metals (such as aluminum, magnesium, and titanium). Dust cloud, such as grain, flour, starch, sugar, powdered milk, cocoa, coffee, and pollen.

Special Fire Extinguishing

Tested with the water mist foam, the water mist can extinguish the Mag fire, although it is over 2000 degrees with the feature of water-repellent substance.

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