1. High Pressure Water Mist Fire Fighting equipment
    High pressure water mist equipment
    Dual spray mode
    Small recoil force, easy to operate for single person
  2. Water Mist system spraying test for Medical Care Exhibition
    The BioT prefabricated building block house, which integrates many advanced disaster prevention technologies and first-class building materials in Taiwan, is equipped with Chuan Yen Technology water mist fire extinguishing system in the ceiling of the kitchen area.
    This video was taking during the 2016 senior medical exhibition.
  3. A firefighting simulation with a mobile Water Mist equipment at historical site
    Most of Taiwan's historical and cultural monuments were built of wood and traditional stone. In case of fire disaster, dry powder fire extinguisher or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is used. Because of its short duration and poor efficiency, the fire could be expanded and affected bigger area. In addition, people need to be close to the fire source during fire-fighting, which increases the risk of injury of firefighters. The mobile water mist equipment or water mist cabinet with the easy-to-use straight-line spray nozzle (passed A6, B30 fire-fighting efficiency test) by a single person can extinguish the fire during the early stage of a fire. When the fire is small, the person can switch to the water mist spraying mode to put off the fire source in a few seconds.