Our endless driving force is arising from the care and passion for life and our environment.

CY TECH Water Mist System Supplier

Round in Wisdom and Square in Action Endless Improving to the Right Way

Established in 2000, our headquarters is located in New Taipei City of Northern Taiwan. With the philosophy of well plan, work hard, efficiency and responsible to all, we mainly focus on water mist technology for fires and architectures.

With continuous improvement and innovation for the water mist, our goal is to increase the quality and the efficiency of our products and also offer the best protection for life safety and the property around the world.

Environmental Friendly, Economical and Effective

A Leader of Water Mist in the Fire Protection Industry

As a leader of the water mist industry in Taiwan, CY TECH are very professional in the field of design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and technical support. Our achievement included the high tech industry such as TSMC, VIS, Foxconn, Innolux and others, Chemical plants, National Central library, Aircraft Hangars, Taipower, private and public sectors around Taiwan.

The first project extinguished in Taiwan by our water mist system and protection areas including a 69KVA transformer, an over hundred square meters cable room and a UPS room. The second one is a waste chemical storage room. When fires, the water mist system extinguishes them very quickly with few pollution. Besides that the protection areas only took few times to be functional and certified the efficiency of our system and service to well protect their property. That also proves our water mist products are an environmental & economical friendly and efficient fire-fighting ones.

Innovative Water Mist Fire Protection Technology

Over 20 years, CY TECH have accomplished many projects and also got much goodwill from our customers and in the fire industry. This is the niche point for us to promote the water mist technology. We try our best to market the application of the environment friendly water mist technology to be popular in Taiwan and also market our innovative product to the world. In the future, our MIT products will be a well renowned in the field of fire protection industry around the world.