Test of non-conducting water mist
When the electrical equipment is on fire, it is not allowed to directly flush and extinguish with water. This is because the conductivity of water and it is easy to lead to electric shock. Besides that it will reduce the insulation performance of the equipment, even cause equipment explosion, and endanger the safety of the person. During the electrical fire, it is not possible to use acid-base or foam extinguishers. Because of the electrical conductivity of the fire extinguishing liquid, people with hand-held fire extinguishers will be electrocuted. This kind of liquid will corrode electrical equipment strongly and not easy to remove it after the event.
The non-conducting test of Chuan Yen Tech water mist confirmed that when the distance is 60 cm, the water mist nozzle can quickly extinguish the original fire without turning off the power supply, washing the smoke, reducing the surrounding temperature and also preventing flashover.