1. Fire testing with a 13 HP mobile water mist equipment
    Gasoline has high flammability and re-combustibility. Therefore, for fire-fighting it is necessary to extinguish fires at one time and prevent fires from reburning. The high density water molecules of water mist can effectively isolate and reduce the continuous supply of oxygen, and the water mist with dissolved in water foam will better extinguish the fire and eliminate the fire source more quickly.
  2. Water mist fire fighting for class B fire
    In natural ventilation, water mist foam liquid is added to the water mist and it will improve and shorten the fire extinguishing time. The greater the spraying pressure of the water mist, the shorter the extinguishing time. This is due to the high density of water molecules which can penetrate the fire source to achieve the fire extinguishing effect.
  3. Water mist fire fighting for the Acetone fire
    The most common uses of acetone are used to remove nail polish and diluent, and can be used as organic solvents in medicine, paints, plastics, resins, rubber, photographic films, and other industries. It is also widely used in high-tech industry, so the risk of acetone fire is also highly valued.
  4. Water mist system extinguished the Acetone rapidly
    Acetone is also widely used in high-tech industry, and the risk of acetone fire is also highly valued. Through the fire test, the customers can confirm the rapid effect of high-pressure water mist, and install the system of Chuan Yen Technology as a sharp weapon for their fire protection
  5. Firefighting test for the Magnesium by the Water Mist equipment
    Magnesium is a light, ductile, silvery white metal with a melting point of 648 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 1107 degrees Celsius. It has strong reducibility, can reflect with hot water to release hydrogen, and will produce dazzling white light when burning, which is easy to explode, so it can't use water to put out. Besides that magnesium can also react with carbon dioxide combustion, so magnesium combustion cannot be extinguished by carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. In addition, it is not advisable to use soil, sand, etc. to put out the fire. The first reason is that the soil may contain water, which can react with silicon. The second reason is that it may not be easy to get sand at the scene of fire
  6. Firefighting test for class A fire with 7.5 MW by the Water Mist equipment
    Only one water mist nozzle can be used to successfully extinguish the wood fire with three piles of A2 (larger than A6 fire). The reason is that the water mist is cooling both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation quickly and provides a protective umbrella to protect the user. It can not only protect but also quickly approach the fire source to achieve the fire extinguished effect
  7. Firefighting test for class B fire with 14.6 MW by the Water Mist equipment
    We use jet spray nozzle to extinguish the fire, which is easy and safe. We hope to provide users with another way to fight the fire
  8. The fire-fighting test by the Water Mist system
    Chuan Yen Technology has introduced water mist system from Australia since 2000 and applied it to protect more 100 units of 69 KVA transformers for Tai Power. There was a fire in 2005 due to overheating of burning insulating oil inside the transformer. Compared with the past transformer fire, all equipment needed to be completely replaced. However, the water mist system actuated quickly and put out the fire, and the damage was completely reconstructed in a short time. It also proved that the water mist system can really put out the fire effectively, and won more appreciation from customers for Chuan Yen Tech.