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10 Motor Type Water Mist Equipment

CY TECH had done the R&D for water mist equipment and got many orders from FOXCONN, INNOLUX, NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM, NTUH and historical buildings. We recommend to apply the water mist hose reel trolley to expand the fire protection area.

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User friendly

Owing to the delicate and elaborate design of the hose reel turntable and just 2.5kg recoil of the gun, any individuals is free and easy to take the gun for firefighting and put it the original place.
All of preparation and recovery of our equipment are pretty easy and quick than the traditional fire hydrant cabinet.


Dual spray mode

During the initial fire, use the inject spray nozzle to suppress the fire from distance. When the fire being smaller, switch to the water mist nozzle for firefighting and the fire is extinguished in seconds.
The CO2 and chemical extinguishers can’t put off fires in the top of a house or an area. But our equipment can do that application because of the momentum.


Without Electrical Induction

During power-on of circuit boxes, there is without electrical induction away from 60-centimeter because of high pressure water mist not continuous and the signal of the box is still flashing.


Washing & Sterilizing

The water mist firefighting equipment could also be used for cleaning, sterilizing and watering.
By using the equipment frequently, people are familiar with the operation or manipulation and are easy to use it when fires to prevent from missing the golden time of firefighting.


Class A fire

  • Ordinary combustible material excluding Cloth, Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Wood, etc., that can be extinguished using water based or general purpose fire extinguishing apparatus.
  • Fire Testing: A6
  • Fire Load: 7.5MW
  • No. of nozzles:1
  • Extinguished time: 40 seconds

Class B fires

  • Flammable liquids such Gasoline, Grease, Lacquers, oils, paints, solvents or others.
  • Fire Testing: B30
  • Fire Load: 14.6MW
  • No. of nozzles:1
  • Extinguished time: 49 seconds


Exquisite Design

  • All in one feature design. First the cart frame is made by one piece and users are easy to move the equipment due to Casters. Secondly, we also installed a HDPE water tank, a piston pump, a motor, a solenoid and a filter.
  • The water tank is connected with the cart frame and the solenoid & floater can control the water in or not.


Model No.: AQ-FT-1030-B/AQ-FT-1038-B
Model No. AQ-FT-1030-B AQ-FT-1038-B
Output 10HP 10HP
Power 3 Phase 220 Volts 3 Phase 220 Volts
Frequency 60Hz 60Hz
Flow Rate (per minute) 30LPM 38LPM
Volume of HDPE Water Tank 70L 70L
Length of High Pressure Hose Reel 30m 30m
Working Pressure 11Mpa 11Mpa
Water Mist Gun One One
Water Mist Nozzle Water Mist Nozzle*1 & High Pressure Jet Spray Nozzle*1 Water Mist Nozzle*1 & High Pressure Jet Spray Nozzle*1
Volume of the Foam Tank 4L 4L
Dimension 120*75*95cm 120*75*95cm
Weight 155kg 155kg